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UNDER CONSTRUCTION - The Whole Site that is...
Put on a hard-hat and feel free to explore. The Navigation tools are not complete and there are lots of empty pages, but also many pages to give you an idea of where we are headed.

2016/09/05 - Well Steamposium - Seattle's Steam-Punk convention, has gotten things going for me again. i'm presenting a Short history of Electrical Discovery, and this is as good a place as any to post research and links.
- I have added an Inventors section and filled in a number of folks from the History of Electrical Discovery and Invention.
- There is still a lot of work tuning the Navigation tools and figuring out how to link the "Wings."

2016/05/14 - Work has stalled due to full-time job and kids in Scouts... but things should be heating up again shortly. I have been working up a number of Vacuum Tube electronics projects that should help motivate this project as well.

There is more to do here than I can handle alone...
Things I would love to be see for this site:
- Once this gets going I expect we will need wing-commanders to manage major subject areas or what I'm calling "Wings".
- a cross-referenced database driven web-links section, where people can select/enter keywords and see relevant links.
- I would love to have a CSS only version of this skin.
- If the forum gets going we will need forum moderators.

To Do List
This will be a spot full of honey-do's soon...
- Modify Group Code to provide navigation from Group-SubGroup-Page listing in Header
- Create Body Header for embedded website - Header to include request for permission to incorporate...
- Split Forum into subject areas once there is enough activity
- Ensure every Top-level page has a comment link
- Fill in several subject areas as templates for others to emulate
- Establish a copyright policy.... mirrorwikipedia?
--- Policy / Licensing agreement method